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Supplies Instrumentation and Equipment

The company has been operating for many years and is also recognised by its competitors, in the supply of sensors and instrumentation for environmental monitoring systems and fruit and vegetable sorting and processing lines.

Lambetco (Pty) Ltd distributes exclusive products on the regional territory of prestigious and experienced manufacturers that have long been in a market and have a good reputation in the market.

A technical and commercial staff with in-depth knowledge of the products offered, offers technical support in all phases of the relationship with the customer, from pre-sales consultancy and after-sales assistance.

Range of services

  • Qualified calibration certificate
  • Manufacturer’s inspection sticker on all the units
  • Maintenance recommendation
  • Tailor-made service contracts


  • Lambetco (Pty) Ltd has its own staff of qualified technicians with multi-disciplinary skills systematically updated with specialised training.
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in the field and remotely
  • Assistance/supervision to the on-site staff of the client for the installation/use of instrumentation and equipment


  • The supplied equipment is systematically calibrated by authorised technicians from the factory
  • Calibration and calibration verification services are offered as standard on equipment


  • On-site installations are accompanied by customer training on correct usage and maintenance of equipment
  • In-house training by our principals and specialists is vital to ensuring our sales team is up-to-date on technology and trends in the industry
  • We also offer accredited product training courses to our clients
  • Tailor-made training courses at client sites is provided on request


  • Preventative maintenance
  • Routine preventative maintenance is tailor made to meet client’s exact requirements
  • Routine preventative maintenance, saves money, equipment downtime & extends the life of the unit
  • Tailor-made service plans  based on client’s needs
  • Qualified service technicians have undergone intensive training with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to provide the services


  • Any unit suspected to be malfunctioning or giving error readouts should be sent for immediate repairs or a call logged to the provided number
  • We handle repairs on both warranty and out of warranty units
  • We carry out a full and thorough investigation and give unbiased, honest reports on equipment findings

On-site Repair

  • On-site repair of your equipment is available to keep your equipment running smoothly


  • We provide upfront pricing for approval before any repairs are undertaken
  • Labour and travel rates are kept fixed and are cost competitive to meet client’s budgets
  • We pride ourselves on our quality service and warranty of our service for a period of warranty

Warranty Extension

  • We know our product is strong enough to compete with time.
  • You can choose our warranty extension of one, two or three years in which every problem will be fixed free of charge

Equipment Procurement

Our knowledge and expertise is a resource that you may use while evaluating which equipment technology will best fit your needs and outcome.